Such an inspiring article Danny, thanks for sharing!

What would I add to it first?

My journal, AirPods, my passport and the current book I'm reading. Some personal pictures & possessions and my favorite sweater.

What would I add only if there’s enough space?

My MacBook probably, depends on when where I'm going haha. An extra pair of shoes.

What would I do with the rest of the stuff I own?

Clothes I would give away. My books, I would give them to friends and family or strangers.

What would I gain from living the minimalist lifestyle?

I guess that will be that true happiness and fulfillment will come from the inside and from the act of service.


Mostlikely, I forgot some stuff and perhaps I'm way more materialistic than I think right now, so I might stuff my backpack more than this.

Anyway, such a great thought experiment.

Thanks again for sharing Danny!



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