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Why I do what I do, and my vision of life

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1 — Biography

Former employee of one of Europe’s hottest tech unicorns turned digital entrepreneur. I’m building my business on the crossroad of writing, visual design, product management, and digital marketing. Currently, living in Amsterdam, but eager to travel the world again, at the end of this year.

I view myself as a visual copywriter, using both words and design to share my message with the world. …

The exact strategy I used to become an independent creator in 2021

You want to be unique in life, right?

Start creating.

Stop consuming.

2020 has changed my life — I decided to write instead of reading, to engage instead of consuming, and to collaborate instead of working solo. I made my first money online, made great friends, and became confident enough to say that one day I’ll be an independent creator.

A field I won’t be alone in, I see independent creators coming in from every angle and from all sorts. Don’t worry, the pie is big enough.

Research shows that on a collaborative website such as a Wiki, 90% of…

An in-depth guide to propel your creator’s existence.

Attract like-minded people and you start acting as a lighthouse. Radiate the signal, your audience wants to pick up. Put yourself out there, and attract problems you can then provide a solution for.

Whether you’re building the next tech unicorn, working towards a successful solopreneurship, or working for a thriving company, investing in your personal brand has never been more important. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. As long as you bring your unique voice, personal traits, and skills into the mix, you’ve got something that’s impossible to duplicate. There’s always room for better or different.

Having a personal…

A 4-step approach to clarify your message and build a powerful brand

Pretty websites don’t sell things.

Words do.

If you haven’t clarified your message, your customers won’t listen. The human brain, no matter where you come from, is drawn towards clarity and away from confusion. You aren’t just in a race to get your products to the target audience, but you’re also in a race to communicate why your customers need your product in their lives.

Even if you have the best product in the world, you’ll lose to an inferior product if your competitor’s advance is communicated more clearly.

Get your message clear and out to the right people.


Treat your audience as a community, not a sales channel.

Self-promotion as a creator is fine, but don’t overdo it.

You know how people don’t like to be sold to but they like to buy stuff?

A subtle, but essential difference in the entrepreneurial world. But don’t worry, I’ve been there too: trying to sell something every damn day. The reward? I ended up losing trust and part of my audience. When I think of it, I get sick of my own behavior.

In hindsight, the thought is reasonable. You think to yourself: “Hmm, 1,421 people follow me on Twitter, I might be able to sell them something.”

We can’t…

An in-depth explanation of the digital age superhero

Image of colorful hats on store wall
Image of colorful hats on store wall

Everything we see online is content.

Hard to avoid, but would you want to?

Content keeps us informed, answers our questions, entertains us, makes us smile, guides our decisions, and more. All brought to us by content marketers.

Can we state that content marketers are modern-day superheroes?

A content marketer is a jack of all trades: they not only master their own craft; they also master related disciplines — like marketing, creation, SEO, and social media.

What sort of disciplines and skills are we talking about?

Let’s define the term:

“A content marketer is responsible for the planning, creating, and…

7 painful life lessons learned after 5 months of traveling during the pandemic

And, here I stand, empty-handed, backpacking in my own city.

I feel like I have hit rock bottom.

The sun still shines, I’m still healthy, but I ran out of options. This time for real. And, with the vision, I have of my future — a big slap in my face.

The truth is here to face: I can’t pay for my lifestyle with dreams or a vision.

Although, I haven’t found the way yet.

There’s a difference between wanting something and being able to do something.

For me, it’s the desire to live an independent life. Something I told…

Because you don’t need more content when you can repurpose what you’ve already created.

WordPress users alone publish around 70 million posts every single month.

Do you think that your 10 additional posts are going to stand out?

The creator’s game is an infinite game — both a blessing and a curse — as there’s always the next piece of content to create. But more content isn’t the answer to real growth.


The problem is that “the supply of content is growing, but demand is static.” In other words, the people on the receiving end of all this content are only going to consume so much. Their demand isn’t growing with the supply.

99% of the internet are consumers. To stand out, you simply have to be the 1% that creates.

You want to be unique in life, right?

Limit the time spent on consuming content, increase the time spent creating.

Research shows that on a collaborative website such as a Wiki, 90% of the participants of a community only consume content. 9% of the participants change or update content, and 1% of the participants add content.

Do the math: 99% of the internet are consumers. To stand out from the crowd, you only have to start creating.

Creating isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either.

At first, I thought the creator game is a finite game, but it isn’t. The…

You should make noise, but listen to signal

Before February of this year, I didn’t know what a personal brand was.

Now, it’s my most versatile asset as I’m running a paid community to help people build their personal brand in public.

In hindsight, it’s easy to understand the concept, but, back then, I simply wasn’t aware of it.

A personal brand is what you represent and how others perceive you by the message you communicate.

Everyone has a personal brand. It’s our reputation with our audience and our online presence. The difference is whether we leave it to develop by chance or we take control.

Our world…

Jessie van Breugel

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