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Why I do what I do, and my vision of life

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personal picture taken in the Colca Canyon, Peru, during one of my travels to South America— November 2019

Table of Contents

1 — Biography
2 - 7 weird facts about me
3 — My interests
4 — Writing goals
5 - Business goals
6 - Featured articles
7 - Contact

1 — Biography

Former employee of one of Europe’s hottest tech unicorns turned digital entrepreneur. I’m building my business on the crossroad of writing, visual design, product management, and digital marketing. Currently, living in Amsterdam, but aspiring to travel the world when that’s possible again :)

I view myself as a visual copywriter, using both words and design to share my message with the world. …

Stop selling your precious time for money, use your mind instead

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Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

Making $1 online will change your life

Making money online is the modern equivalent of the California Gold Rush. Betting, online surveys, trading, reviewing websites and apps, blogging. The possibilities are endless. The only problem — you’re still trading your time for money.

This 4-step guide that teaches you how to turn your unique experience and skills into a scalable product. A product that removes the constraints of time and location and enables you to make money whenever, wherever. The ultimate goal is to optimize your life for freedom and independence.

The true power comes from using leverage — something that’s already in your possession to achieve better results. Don’t limit yourself to only think of physical tools. Think big. …

Here’s what I learned from the 3 E’s.

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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

There are two types of people in the world: those who are lost and those who know they’re lost.

The moment I felt I belonged to the second group was magical. It meant I could start doing something about it.

My Exploration of Essentialism

Hearing of Essentialism was a true breakthrough moment for me.

As I recently resigned from my job and took a leap of faith, life is currently completely built upon my own decisions. Some days are great, others I feel steerless and aimless.

Coming across Essentialism was exactly the mental framework I was so desperately searching for. …

#7 — Sharing progress improves your product

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Photo by JOSE LARRAZOLO on Unsplash

Building your business in public is sharing stories

About your wins and losses. About being authentic and putting yourself in a vulnerable position. It’s assembling a community around your cause.

Building in public welcomes transparency and storytelling into your business. As people love stories, you stumbled upon the best marketing strategy ever. With your business playing the lead role, the story unfolds itself in front of the eyes of your audience. This is pure, digital gold.

Do it well and your momentum with an enthusiastic community generates an enormous amount of organic word of mouth — the gold standard for marketing.

Sure, failure always lies around the corner. When you’re building in public, the spotlight is always on. Don’t shy away, the more open you share your failures, the more trust you earn with your audience. Turn your heartfelt failures into inspirational lessons, and you’ve got yourself unique and sexy content. …

I get to have the lead role in my own play.

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Photo by Bradley Dunn on Unsplash

I’m Not a Quitter

That’s what I had to tell myself after resigning from my recently started consultancy business.

Barely 2 months ago, I quit my full-time job at a European tech scale up to pursue my own dreams:

I would start as an independent consultant to help businesses optimize their customer service operations.

After 4 weeks, I realized that that wasn’t my passion.

Dishonest with Myself

I hear you think “how can you find out after only 4 weeks?

It’s okay, I judged myself the same way.

It has been a tough road — judging myself for not doing the required work versus listening to my instinct. …

Leverage is the most underrated force for building your business

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Photo: Warren Wong/Unsplash

Making money online has never been more within reach.

It’s about a mindset shift. It is not that hard work doesn’t count. It’s the wrong place to start. It’s perhaps item 8 on your to-do list — right after patience and perseverance.

The true power comes from using leverage — something that’s already in your possession to achieve better results. Combine leverage and taking accountability with a carefully chosen direction, and hard work is going to take you much farther and way faster. Don’t limit yourself to only think of physical tools. Think big. Your leverage can be anything.

The Writing Guy — David Perell — said it…

Five steps to finding your smallest audience possible

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Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash

You can build a business from superfans alone.

You don’t need the whole world to resonate with your content to become successful. A handful of true fans can change your world and theirs. A personal brand allows you to monetize this audience one day.

People underestimate the power of 100 fans and overestimate the power of 1,000 followers. Tim Denning said it beautifully:

“Followers are vanity metrics for deeply insecure people.”

Stop chasing followers, start treating your followers as friends, and allow those friends to become fans. …

8 marketing lessons the internet wizards of our time taught me

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Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

Great marketing is the cornerstone of your success.

No matter the business you’re in, getting the right message to your specific audience is crucial. You can have the best product or service in the history of mankind, without proper marketing you’re going nowhere.

You can choose to do it by yourself, but why should you? Let us learn for those that walked before us.

In this article, I lay out the marketing lessons and concepts that stood out after studying some of the internet wizards of our times. Jack Butcher, David Perell, and Shaan Puri taught me more about marketing and building a business than my high school teacher. Besides that, they discussed the fidelity of an idea, copywriting, and the importance of creating your own intellectual property. …

One that starts today — Not tomorrow, not next week, and definitely not next year.

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Last year has been tough as F.

We all had our fair share of failure, loss, defeat, and obstacles.

I’m no exception. Losing the relationship with my favorite person on this planet still fucking hurts, but I have to move on. Nobody will benefit from me going back to my cave and being miserable. Yet I know that it feels comforting to desperately hold on to the past, from time to time.

Dwelling in the past isn’t something I like doing and definitely something I advise others to do. It’s not something that helps us move forward.

I’m not going to say make 2021 your best year, because working toward your best life starts today. Not tomorrow, not next week, and definitely not next year. …

The exact strategy I used to become an independent creator in 2021

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You want to be unique in life, right?

Start creating.

Stop consuming.

2020 has changed my life — I decided to write instead of reading, to engage instead of consuming, and to collaborate instead of working solo. I made my first money online, made great friends, and became confident enough to say that one day I’ll be an independent creator.

A field I won’t be alone in, I see independent creators coming in from every angle and from all sorts. Don’t worry, the pie is big enough.

Research shows that on a collaborative website such as a Wiki, 90% of the participants of a community only consume content, 9% of the participants change or update content, and 1% of the participants add content. …

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